Honing in on “What’s Important”

After last week’s storms, I wrote a post about “What’s Important.”  Today, I am going to continue in that vein.

Assuming you would like to live your life with a certain amount of purpose, how do you start to put your career in line with who you are as a person?

I don’t have some hard-and-fast formula, but I do have a few ideas that, if you ponder them, you will get closer to discovering your purpose.

1.  What are your interests, likes?

2.  What makes you excited/passionate?

3.  What is your education?  (You can work on this one if need be to fill in the holes.)

4.  What is your skill set?  What are you good at and already know how to do?

You should write answers to these questions down.  Brainstorm and write everything you can think of.  Hopefully, you will begin to see some common patterns.  If you do, you are in good shape.  If 1. and 2. don’t line up with 3. and 4., either your interests and passions are no more than daydreams, or you need to work on your skills and education big-time.  Don’t worry: You’ve got time.  You just need to get started.

The next thing you need to do is look at this self-inventory and see where what you have can be of service to others.  You see, what you do for work is about you (what you like), and it HAS TO BE about what your potential customers need or want and are willing to pay for.  If it is only about you, you will never make any money doing it.  If it is only about your customers, you will be disconnected and have no passion.  You have to have both.

In future posts, we will look at possibilities for turning what you have discovered about yourself into profitable work.

Until then . . .



About Mike Wilson

I have owned my own business since 1999. I am interested in helping others start their own business and survive it and move on to thriving. I do this through my blog, books, seminars, public speaking, and consulting.
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6 Responses to Honing in on “What’s Important”

  1. Michelle Bond Copelin says:

    Some good thoughts, Mike. I am in that process now. It is not easy, but you are right about getting started. One thing does tend to lead to another once you get started, but that initial start can be quite challenging.

    • Mike Wilson says:

      For me, sometimes taking that pen and paper and doing a disciplined self-inventory can be the most challenging. But, once you’ve done it, you can begin to see where everything fits together and start taking steps. You don’t just decide today and, tomorrow, you’re there. It is a journey. Thanks for posting: I appreciate it.

  2. mosotribe says:

    Mike, now that I’m back from my “media sponsorship” opportunity — I was grateful for it! I need to figure out what i need to do to profit from whatever I do personally and professionally. For me pen to paper is easy. It’s what soothes me and gives me energy to move forward. It’s the execution that I struggle with. However; In the next few months, I’ll be honing in on what’s important. I’ll let you know what I discover. – Monique

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