The Myth of Security and the Lull of the Mundane

In my prior post about May 24, I discussed how I came to start my business.

IT TOOK ME GETTING FIRED!!  Then, it took subsequent insulting job offers that made me so mad I was no longer afraid.  Finally, I was going to show them, now.

But why did it take me so long to get there?  I had wanted my own business since I was 17.  Now, I was 33.  That was 16 years.  Why?  Why had I spent almost half my life waiting?  Why did I have to be shoved off the cliff to take control of my own life?

The answer is twofold: 1. The Myth of Security and 2. The Lull of the Mundane.  I will cover these two in this post.

1.  The Myth of Security.  We are fed the line that we should go to school, do well in school, get a good job, work hard, get promoted, etc.  This would make us financially secure.  We would have that steady paycheck.  The corporation would take care of us if we performed well.  By the time I was fired, I was married with 4 children who counted on me to provide for them.  Having my own business was too risky.

Then, I got fired.  I had been good to my company.  My restaurant was performing exceptionally well.  Yet they let me go.  What seemed like security was more like having all my eggs in one basket.  And they all got tumped out at the whim of my employer, not by my choice.

What is ironic is that I am actually more secure now, having my own business.  I have many, many clients, and if one goes away, my income may go down, but it will not go to $0.  And I CAN CHOOSE.  I have much more control over my baskets of eggs.

2.  The Lull of the Mundane.  Have you ever noticed how day blends into day and week blends into week until year after year passes?  It is so easy to get caught up in the daily activity of living that you never take the time to live on purpose.  Believe me, having your own business REQUIRES you to live on purpose.  Starting one, even more so!  But time passes, and you take care of your life and never do what it takes to really live it.  The river is carrying you along, where it wants you to go.  Not where you want to go.

So there you are, thinking about having your own enterprise–pursuing your passion.  But you have responsibilities and days, weeks, months, and years blur together, and you are no closer than you were before.  What’s worse is you may be really down on yourself, thinking you can’t do it.

I think you can, if you truly desire it.  But you have to start.  Move in the direction of doing what you want.  Get the training you need.  See about plans to finance your dream.  Perhaps even change your job so you can have one with more flexibility than that career that you don’t really want anyway.  Get started.  You can get there, but you have to actually do something about it.

Watching TV and drinking beer every evening will not get you there.  You have to make yourself a little uncomfortable and push, because I guarantee you that it will not just happen.  You have to make it happen by force of will and a huge amount of effort.  Otherwise, your passion will be nothing more than a fantasy that you daydream about that mocks you on moments you are honest with yourself.

Don’t waste your life.



About Mike Wilson

I have owned my own business since 1999. I am interested in helping others start their own business and survive it and move on to thriving. I do this through my blog, books, seminars, public speaking, and consulting.
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6 Responses to The Myth of Security and the Lull of the Mundane

  1. Mike Wilson says:

    Thank you very much. It has been purchased at the cost of much valuable time wasted.

  2. lbstrang says:

    One way to break out of the lull of the mundane is to surround yourself with people who will encourage you to take that first step — and give you a push on those days when you can’t seem to push yourself.

  3. Reblogged this on Snippets from the web and commented:
    Why not start your own business?

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